Training Calculator

Use "Train simulation" for calculate how much you will pay for the XX(1-60) days training;.
and use "Profile data" to see how it will affect your account!

Train simulation:

  • Select day/s
  • Contract:
  • Weights Room (0 gold):
  • Climbing Center (0.19 gold):
  • Shooting Range (0.89 gold):
  • Special Forces Center (1.79 gold):


Train Stats


Train statistics Day by Day

    For your profile:

    Your eRepublik ID or Nickname: Load Data

    Nickname: Anonymous / Last update: N/A

    Your strength today is N/A and make N/A damage per hit with q7

    Your strength after "Train simulation" is N/A and make N/A damage per hit with q7

    Help for Training Calc:

    • You have an one automatic update of profile data per day.
    • Use your ID for faster result. hint:
    • Use your ID if you have a problem with loading profile data.
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